March 2008 QUOTES from our Guests

March 1, 2008
Our last trip for awhile to Jackman was wonderful ❗ Weve always enjoyed coming to relax and enjoy the cabins. It was extremely cold ❗ My husband and friend walked across the frozen pond to the island. Said it was a good trek but no wildlife 🙁 We didnt see any moose this time. Oh Well. Tami and Steve always provide a great place to enjoy friends and good times. I have never had more fun that drunk sledding with our friends at 11 PM ❗ Only in Jackman ❗ ❗ We-ll miss you ❗
Andy, Kristen, Madison, Morgan from Brunswickmoving to MD. Cabin #3

March 2, 2008
We only brought 1 snowmobile because we just couldnt get the second one started. That was ok because we came to fish more than ride. The only ice fishing I have ever done is smelting. This was definitely a lot of fun. I set up of my traps & sat back to relax with a drink to keep me warm 🙂 We saw a couple different eagles-one of them flew right over us. I have never seen one that close. It was beautiful. we kinda struck out with the fish. Maybe we are kinda late ❓ When we pulled the lines up we saw that a few of the smelt we were using for bait were a little beat up. Some of them were missing their heads ❗ 🙁 I think these trout or salmon are smarter than we are ❗ 😆 The 4 of us came back to the Kona for some yummy pizza from BISHOPS STORE. We played a game of scrabble, went to bed early. We got up early the next dayWe had much better luck today catching a fish. I was screaming and yelling – running from trap to trap as the flags popped up. I was so excited that I actually shouted flag on, fish up instead of flag up, fish on ❗ The guys were making fun of me but I think they were a little jealous when I caught the 2 biggest fish ❗ I caught an 18 and a 14 salmon. We caught 10 fish in all ” all salmon. We cooked up a great dinner when we got back to the Kona What a cozy little cabins-we are really going to miss it ! Thank you Tami and Steve. Well be back in the summer.
Peg, Tristan, Sue and Cole from Harpswell Cabin #9

March 28-29
“Being here was so enjoyable. It-s quiet, cute, cozy and very relaxing. We loved the cabin…Our twin girls, Tia & Monica would enjoy stay8ing here.”
Tammy & Lenny from Casco Cabin #8