Cabin #5 gets a redo!

Although many of our guests LOVED Cabin #5, “”””No Name”””” and told us not to change a thing, we know that it does need to be updated. SO last week, the demolition began. As the walls came down, we found that it was added to about 3 times; a true new englander camp! This does give it character but also makes it very long and narrow.

Although we have some of our own ideas on it, we thought we would ask you, our guests, as to what you would like to see in this cabin, or if anyone out there is creative or an architect and has a thought, bring it on! We would appreciate the input.

The basic outline of the structure is below. We are at a point that we can do anything to it except move the toilet, which is the bullseye on the drawing. It-s location is about 7 feet from the front (lakeside) of the cabin and about 3 feet from the wall. We want to make this a 4 maximum cabin, perhaps using a futon or daybed set up instead of twin bunk beds. If you have any thoughts on it and want more information on dimensions or size of needed items, send us an email.

I did find a site through Better Homes and Gardens that makes it fun to design. Go to this link and give it a try. If you come up with an idea, send us an email.
[url=]room design[/url]