What a great day today in Jackman. It has warmed up already to a minus 12 but the sun is shining, the skies are blue, the air is crisp and there is no wind.

Fantastic day to celebrate Leap year, to ride or fish or just take in the fresh air.

February 2008 QUOTES from our Guests

After driving to Greenville today, I had to begin to post February entries from the journals …

February 1-5
Drove 350 miles from Cttruck 1-2-3 had an 8 hour trip in freezing rain .(read more about the group from Baja journal)
Day 1-Nice easy ride. Took New sugar loop. Trails were ungroomed. Had a near miss with Steven in the woods. No damage. All good. 55 miles.
Day2 11 sleds, left one behind. Rode to Pittston Farm, NE Carry and Rockwood. Jolenes triple cylinder only running on one cylinder at an idle. Trails were EXCELLENT. Good times. Road 150 miles.
Day 3- 11 sled out. Headed for Kokadjo. ROUTE 66 ROCKS ❗ ❗ We lost a sled going into Rockwood. Blew a chain case. Had to tow sled to Mobil. Left it there and doubled up on way back. The other XCR 800 lost a cylinder. Mad the ride back. Had to take truck back to Rockwood to pick up sled.
WOW-Watch out for the frost Heaves 😯 ❗
[u]We LOVED being right on the lake. [/u]
Louie, Kathy, Kyle, Ed, Eddie & Steven from Connecticut in Cabin #4

February 4
On our way up here it was quite an adventure. Took us 11 hours (normally 5-6). On 201 we met up with a van that was jack-knifed on a hill. The boys got out to help for a little bit. No help at all. Then we were probably about a half hour away when we got our truck and trailer stuck in a snow bank on the side of the road. We finally arrived at 4:45am.
This was our best snowmobiling trip this year. We went about 350 miles over the 3 days. Had a few mishaps. One sled was down on day 2 with running on 1 cylinder. The last day we were down 2 sleds. Another was running on 1 cylinder and also broke the belt. The other broke the chain case. Luckily we were not too far away. All in all it was a great weekend and we would defiantly come back. PS Thanks for video taking us snowmobiling and putting us on your website ❗ ❗ SEE THEIR VIDEO on MURPHY-S VIDEO PAGE
George, Lou, Jess, Joe and Jolene from Connecticut Cabin #3

February 8
The weekend was amazing ❗ This was my first time on a snowmobile so I only crashed once. I did escape injury although my cousin ran me over in his sled. The girls at the NORTHLAND were off the hook so I will be back just for them lovely ladies. The weather was perfect 4 riding and the TRAILS were perfectly groomed. I will be back soon and so will my cousin who will be on the lookout for his girl Mabel, Good bye and good luck
Don, Gerry, Bill and Mike Cabin #1

February 8-11, 2008
Started riding Saturday around 9:30AM. Trails were great. 2 of the sleds in the group were not so good. One sled needed to be towed back and another was limping along. At one time we stopped in the middle of the woods (I believe near Rockwood) and started working on one of the sleds. A gentleman lived on the side of the trail and was so accommodating in order for us to get back on our feet. He wouldve given the shirt off his back. Everyone we had contact with this weekend was sweet and friendly. 125 miles. Sunday we got out by 1100. Trails again were mint. Went to Rockwood and Kokadjo. On the way we stopped on the side of the trail and were able to feed the birds right from your hand. I think they were Canadian snowbirds. We had granola bars, crushed them and held them straight out and in minute they were swooping in it was AWESOME ❗ ❗ On the way back a storm was setting in. Snow was heavy, winds were high. Trails were starting to get buried. We got back about 8:30pm.165 miles Ate at MAMA BEARS for breakfast SCMOOZES for dinner. Food was good. Thank you Tami, Steve and Murphy. You helped make this and awesome WEEKEND ❗ ❗ Hope to come back soon.
Craig, Jerry, Danny, Mike, Billy from Farmingdale Cabin #9

February 18
2/13 We arrived about noon. 2/14 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ! Went across BOG WOOD LAKE to the Border trail. As we came off the lake & through a tunnel of trees came across our first deer. Very calm, just sat there and watched us. Went all the way to the border. Took 89S and the new Sugar Hill Loop (very nice) not on the map though. Ask Tami and Steve about it. Came back for lunch before our next loop. Saw 8 deer coming across the lake. 2/15 Did a lot of joy riding no destination. Had dun all day long. 2/16 Decided to head down to the Forks and do a loop. 89 was a horrible ride ! They did not groom so there were bumps everywhere. Not enjoyable at all. Ended up turning around because of the trail and I needed a new helmet. Our friends showed up for the weekend. 2/17 Went out for a 4 hr ride. 89 little bumpy at first but better than the day before. Came back for lunch and NASCAR BABY !!! 2/18 Our last dayWe had a wonderful time, the basket was wonderful and the card. Thanks for a wonderful week Cant wait to come back up! PS the BIGWOOD STEAKHOUSE was Great. Great service, Great food. Bring your own beer ❗

February 15-19
Another nice trip to Jackman. Caught 2 splake and about 20 tiger trouts. A good snowmobile ride. Good food. Made reservations for next year. Just saw 9 deer crossing the lake while I was writing this. Warm day. Going home tomorrow. PS Tami & Steve-See you summer of 08
Dan & Robin Cabin #3

February 23 – from the mouths of babes…these are my favorite entries!
Dear Tami & Steve, Thanks for the beautiful house. You & Steve did a nice job. Tami, your cookies are
so good ❗ ❗ ❗ I had fun playing with Murphy ❗ ❗ Jackman Maine is fun. Thanks again for coming to see Snow Buddies. (Note: the school had a movie night) Can-t wait to see you guys in the summer. From your friend Tiffany 🙂

School Vacation in Jackman

This is school vacation week for Maine and I believe Massachusetts also. Anyhow, typically this week, the town if filled with families enjoying a winter holiday. It has been, so far, a great week but today, even thought he temperature is 20 or less, there is no wind so it is a great day to play in the snow.

All over town, kids are fishing with the parents, snowmobiling or just playing in the snow.

Earlier today, we had some of our kids, their parents, their dogs, and of course Murphy, all playing out in our “”””bottom 40″”””. (No it is not 40 acres, just a nickname we gave the yard area down by the lake.)

They all looked like they were having a great time: sledding down the hill, riding their snowmobiles around the yard, running after the dogs…so I did video tape them a little and I will have it up on “”””Murphy-s Video”””” page later this weekend. (I took a lot of tape so I need a little editing time.)


Jackman Trail report

We were hearing over the weekend and even yesterday that ITS 89 from Long Pond to town was a little rough. But that most trails are in great shape and well groomed.

We did ask a groomer about that and one problem was that after the foot of snow fell on Valentines day, the trails got hit by riders before grooming could take place. The snow was very light and fluffy and should have been moved before it was ridden. Another problem was that in the valley here, we got rain the other day which only made that part of the trails a bit worse.

So bear with that area. I am hearing that the rest are great.

WEBCAM update

Our webcam is now live. Go to our homepage at [url=http://cozycovecabins.com]Cozy Cove Cabins[/url] to get a sneak peak at the happenings here.

The only view you have is on our driveway, cabins 3 and 4 and in the distance you can see Big Wood and the mountains behind that. Eventually, we plan to mount this closer to the shoreline. SO over the next few months, depending on when the snow melts 😆 , the cam may be moved to different places.

We are not able to transmit a continuous video at this time but it takes snapshots every few minutes. We are still in the process of adjusting the timing and fixing some technical problems. For example, if you use IE (Internet Explorer) you will have to clear your cache to see the change in times. Works well though in Firefox. Also, we have chosen to turn it off at night since in general there is nothing to see anyhow.:idea:

We hope that this helps our guests see what-s happening here at Cozy Cove!


It is raining today (it is now 9am) but I believe the temperatures will be dropping later today and this will all freeze over which should only help the trails and even the ice fishing. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.

BUT if you are on your way up today, watch out for ice!


The rain did not last long at all. Cold now and starting to snow

Snow removal

As I wrote in the last entry, there is just too much snow and a plow is not moving it far enough. So we called in Big Bertha today to move some of it out of the driveway.
OOPS :redface: I guess you cannot read my writing on the photo very well.

SO let me tell you: on this first one, note the height of the snow bank now formed to the left of the cabin 😯 It is as high as the cabin roof. (If you look at yesterday-s entry, you can see it was not that high)


And on this one, this photo was taken from the deck of Jester (cabin 1). Big Bertha is between Indio and Baja dumping snow OVER the pile of snow ❗


I know, this was not a Kodak moment but a video moment. It was really cool 8) to watch him move that monster of a truck and so gently move the mounds of snow.


The snow finally stopped early morning. It was not a hard blowing storm that came through, just constant. Steve plowed once yesterday and then chose to wait to see what the rest of the day did.
Below is a picture I took this morning . As you can see, we are running out of places to put it.


Excavator is coming tomorrow so that our guests have somewhere to park. 😀


9 am

I went out to the post office and it is so incredibly beautiful out. Granted, not a day I would want to be driving much but very pretty. The roads, even though plowed, still are covered in white snow. No brown sand yet. And snow is just everywhere. Really looks like “”””Switzerland”””” ❗
Steve plowed our driveway this morning and there is about another 3-4 inches down.
The temperature is 20 degrees but does not feel cold at all. I only had a sweater on.
If you are coming up today, drive slow. Our guest who just arrived said it snowed the whole way and even though the roads were plowed, they were still slick.
When I was in town, An 18 wheeler came around the bend in town and his back end fishtailed a little.


Frost Heeves

It was difficult to decide as to what category to put this under as going over frost heeves is really not winter fun.

I went over to Greenville this morning and OH MY GOD! The guest who wrote in the journal about the frost heeves was right. These are not just bumps…they are HUGE. So if you are driving the 6/15 watch out in the area between 201 and Long Pond. That was the worst of it. The rest of the ride was not too bad, although it did take me 45 minutes to get to Rockwood. (normally a 30 minute trip) I will say thought that my car is not the only thing needing an alignment after today 😆

Also, as usual, I had my camera with me hoping to get some wildlife shots as everyone has been telling me they are seeing lots of deer and moose out on the road. Of course, I did not see one 🙁