We cannot give true trail reports yet as the trails are not even open but some are taking advantage of the snow that has already fallen in the hills and doing some off trail riding 🙂

It will be a great snow season this year…so I just wanted you all to know that I will be updating this bloggie with snow reports and of course ice conditions….as for the ice, it is not yet ice but as cold as it has been, should not be long.

This morning though, Big Wood was pretty calm still and there were sheetings of ice atop …then as the wind began to pick up a little, small movement in the lake made a “”crackling”” sound as the ice close to shore cracked and broke up. I wish I had the umph to go down to the shore at that time (6am) with my video camera so you could hear the sounds being made. It was pretty cool. Maybe next time.

See you all soon! THINK SNOW ❗


Now that the hunting seasons are ending….time to start to concentrate on SNOW 🙂

Do I need to start singing again this year?????
I think, I would have to look back for the date….but I think last year I said we should start thinking snow and singing “”let it snow let it snow let it snow”” earlier than January….well I did my part. I began in late September by saying it would snow on November 20th…and to my surprise….it did ❗ Not as much as I thought it would but it did snow that day. (as well as the week before)

We do have a nice little base already. The hunters told me that in some areas there is about a foot and a half …some said it was up to their waist…others said it was over their boots. The point is, there is snow already and this is all good. Now let-s keep it and add to it.



The firearm deer season has ended. Two of our guests got a buck this year and the others, although a little discouraged, all seem to have a great time anyhow. Many hunters who come to the area love just being in the great north woods, being with friends or family (we had quite a few father and son combos this year which is so wonderful to see) and to get a buck is just the icing on the cake.

Most said that the signs were all there; they know they were out there and the snow the past week did help for tracking. It just was not their time to get one.

Better luck next year for firearms….although muzzleloader season is still happening so best of luck to you too.

BTW, if you are a hunter reading this entry and have a great story to tell about a hunting experience or even just a “”being out in the woods”” experience, go to the JMRRCOC website http://jackmanmaine.org/
and “”Tell the story””. Hunters have a chance to win a coupon and raffle book…..and be entered to win 2 night stay in the region in 2008. I know you all love to tell the stories…just need to put it in writing!

November 2007 QUOTES from our Guests

Many times I cannot read all that people write OR what they write is not printable 😉 so I will use 3 dots instead sometimes.

November 3,2007
Monday- first day out. No luck however…Erik saw a coyote. We did see sign, but no deer. Tuesday-Rain and snow all day. Saw 2 deer in Am-got to try & find. Got very wet. Saw 2 doe in Pm-still raining. Some snow in higher areas. Wednesday-hard wet day of hunting. No deer. Went to BISHOPS. Thursday-saw 6 moose. Ed hunted with Erick again. I guess he hadn-t learned. …Still no deer… Friday-hunted Holeb. Saw 3 moose but no deer Did go to Bishops. Saturday- Last day hunting. Saw our first deer in the woods…. Not very happy about the amount of hunters on this trip but there are definitely some big deer. Of course, looking at the board at Bishops, Vt lead by a long shot…over 200# A total of 12 deer in the ar=ea were taken while we were here….Also cabin OK but to small for 4 deer hunters and their equipment. Bedroom too small. Need measuring cups & spoons otherwise heat lites, shower and bvr fine. Very nice view f lake and sunset. really need snow here in Jackman to get deer going.
Phil cabin #3

November 16
Hunted all week. Sa3w 3 deer and a few moose…not many deer shot during the week. Miss Tom not being here (his Mom passed) Cabin is very nice Had fun. See ya again
Dave & Jeff from Mountain Top Pa Cabin #4

November 18
2 guys from NH and 3 from Maine. We all saw deer but no luck with the bucks. TO make matters worse, had to help a guy load nice 1- pointer on the way out. The deer are here when you find them stay with them they don-t go far. Wish we had more time Thanks ❗ ❗ (“”””Plenty of room in here for the 5 of us””””)
Scott, Butch, Bob, Paul, Craig cabin #3

November 22
Another wonderful visit to Cozy Cove ❗ We arrived on Thanksgiving day to enjoy the holiday in snow & beauty. On Friday we ventured out in the snow and headed N on 201 to maybe see a moose. No luck 🙁 We stopped in at JACKMAN JAVA for some great coffee and and [u]amazing[/u] pumpkin roll ❗ ❗ Last time we saw 8 moose off 6/15, this time we saw 2. No antlers though 🙁 We returned to our cabin for lunch and some rest before heading out again. We saw 4 more ❗ The last 2 we saw my husband and I got out of the car &stood about 30 ft away from them while we taped and took pictures. It was amazing ❗ …My hubby and I could stay forever. Can-t wait to come back before we move in April ❗
Love Andy, Kristen, Madison & Morgan from Brunswick Cabin #4

Thanksgiving week, 2007
Pop saw 12 deer before hurting back on Wednesday/. I saw 3 till Thanksgiving day. Shot 160# 10 spike… Had snow and weather was fine for us hunting. No complaints., Will be back next season as usual.
Jim and Jim from NJ Cabin #3

Deer season…are you new?

Usually, when a guest gets their buck, they are ringing our bells, no matter how late, to tell us about it and to hang it PROUDLY on the pole. Last night, we went to bed thinking that another day went by and our hunters did not get their buck….:(

To our surprise, We woke this morning to see a buck hanging on the porch of “”No Name”” 😯


So I have to ask…””ARE YOU NEW ❓ “”
Actually, they must NOT be new at all since Kevin got his buck the first day out this week.


Unfortunately there has not been too much happening around here ( no deer on our pole!) to write about. The hunters are saying they are seeing a lot of signs this year. So my point is if they are seeing all these signs and the weather has been pretty good for hunting this week then why are there none hanging on our pole? I asked “”Are you not hunters?”” 😆
Mind now that I am just joking around with them. It is good they are seeing more signs of activity this year and they all know that when it is your turn to get the buck, you will.

So, since there is no deer to talk about during deer season, I thought I could talk about the wonderful snow we are having today ❗ It started out as light snow and sleet here but the snow flakes kept getting bigger and bigger. Bill said there is about 7 inches of snow in the hills where he was hunting this morning. I think we only have a couple inches here at Cozy Cove but it is still coming down.

Most of our hunters came in early today since it is snowing so hard out there and a little windy, it is difficult to see in the woods but they are happy that they will at least have the morning to go back out for one more try before heading home on Sunday. If it keeps snowing tonight, it should be good to for tracking tomorrow. SO they say……

I do not think that “”true”” hunters really care sometimes. Of course, getting the buck is what they want but I think that they are happy just being out in the woods!

Yeah snow ❗ ❗


A sure sign of deer season in Jackman is the patrolling of hunters through the camps around 7 at night to see if there are any deer hanging on the poles. 😆 There were 3 next door!

We will keep you updated of the hunt this month. Good luck to all.

BTW, as some like to have snow so they can track their buck, the weather forecast is calling for snow this week….may be more of freezing rain than snow but it is a beginning.
And on November 20th, we are going to have lots of snow fall so be prepared ❗ This is my prediction anyway…we have to start thinking snow earlier this year. 😛