Peak Fall Foliage In Jackman

I went to Augusta yesterday to help out at the MSA show and on the way home, I realized, we are at peak foliage up here, if not just past it. What an incredible drive up 201 it was.

The trees started showing their colors in Skowhegan, maybe sooner but this is when I started to noice them. As I got closer to Jackman, the colors became much more bold and rich. It was most noticeable was when I hit Johnson Mountain…the forests on both sides were filled with reds, oranges, yellows, that okra color, burnt oranges with the deep dark greens from the pine and spruce mixed in between.
Of course, at that point the skies were blue which added just another dimension in it all.

When you got to the top of the mountain, you could see that many leaves had already fallen and most of the colors were green. And then coming back down the mountain, the trees had their leaves and the rich golden colors of autumn returned.

As I passed Parlin Pond, the waters were still as glass and the multitude of color from the trees on the other said of the pond were echoing on the pond. It was kinda hard to drive and look but I managed. And of course, I did not have my camera with me. That was definitely a Kodak moment!

I did stop at the Attean overlook though, Along with 10 other cars…to take in the valley and mountains beyond.

So if you are heading up to Jackman to see the foliage, unless you leave today, I fear you may miss it.