What a PERFECT NIGHT in Jackman

Last night, I heard the call of the loon so I went out on the deck to listen and wait for the next concert.

It was about 9:30. I do not know what the temperature was but it was warm and comfortable.
The air was still and quiet. The sky was dark but more of a royal blue color, but dark enough that I could see the stars. The sunset was still showing a touch of orangey glow just over the edge of the mountains giving the skies a touch of light.

What really caught my eye though this night was the moon. I guess it would be a quarter moon as only a thick sliver of it was shining bright. SO bright, it cast a glow on to the lake right over Hog Island and ended subtlety on our shoreline. ..like it was leading someone to us….LOL.
The lake was calm but still quivered a bit so the moons reflection was even more intense.

As I sat waiting to hear the call of the loons, I did not mind watching the moon and even saw a few lighting bugs flickering down by the shore and a shooting star…I think that is what it was….but never heard the loons again that night.

Still…what a perfect night it was.

One of our guests was able to capture the sky on film and just sent it to me today (July 24th).
If this was taken on the same night, it was at least a half hour before I went out as the sky is just a bit brighter and the moon a little higher but…hopefully, you can imagine the beauty a little better now that you can see the picture.