We have had so many more guests this year here to ride the trails 😀 It seems that finally, people are finding out about them and coming up to enjoy.

Anyhow, these are what our guests are saying…

Trails to the south are very bumpy and not as much fun unless you like going over rocks.

The newer trail to the border “”IS GREAT ❗ “” There are a couple areas you have to cross over some water holes but if you don-t stop in the middle of them, there is no problem. One guest went out by himself one day (wife was pregnant) and saw a big cow moose on the trail. He stopped. Then she started walking toward him. He started to back up down the trail. Then she stopped, so he stopped. Then she started to walk toward him again. He decided to keep backing down the trail, turn around and come home. He figured for her to do that, she must have had her babies near by and he didn-t want to aggravate her.

Trails Northeast of Jackman (toward Rockwood) are also excellent. At the beginning of the season, some riders complained that the trails were to dusty (all 20 of them who road together) but all have said that the views from the summits are incredible. We have been waiting for Rockwood and Pitston Farms to complete the trails from their end to connect but as of yet, you cannot get to those areas.

As a reminder, on July 21st, the ATV trails into Quebec will be opened, officially. Day passes as well as seasonal passes can be purchased in Jackman at Bishops Store and at Jackman Powersports. I believe a day pass is about $20.00. But also, something to consider, Canada does have specific regulations regarding ATV-s so be sure and check that out if you want to cross the border. I found a site in Quebec that may be able to help you to obtain more information. http://www.fqcq.qc.ca/?lang_id=E

Have fun and ride safe:!:

We are looking for pictures of ATVers having fun out on the trails or just having a good time riding in the region. If anyone has a high resolution shot that they are willing to share with us or with the Jackman Chambers- website, please send them to our email. Please include permission to use and if you want any title with it. Thanks a bunch ❗

Below is a shot from Memorial Day Weekend of a few having a good time…just traveling through