Tuckaway Shore-Last Entry

This will be my final entry for Tuckaway Shores Cabins since it has been almost a year now that it has been closed and the signs were taken down by the new owners. It is time to let it all go.

Since I first posted an entry about the property in June, much has happened. All but 2 cabins have been removed, all of the debris has been cleaned up, the land has been cleared, much of the insides of the house have been salvaged for use elsewhere, and half of the house had fallen.

Yesterday, the rest of the house came down. When you see the pictures below, you will see the last of Tuckaway Shores, the last of this story…and the last of it all happened in about 12 hours.

Below are the shots of the house, the clean up and now all that is left is the foundation.


I felt a little sad 🙁 when the log part of the home came down only because Tuckaway Shores was a part of Jackman history and the house…well you can almost imagine the labor that went into the building of that log house. I believe it had very little “”R”” value left 😆 but the inside was a charming log cabin with a beautiful stone fireplace and I-ll bet, if walls could talk would have many a story to tell ❗

I am sure the new owners appreciate the history behind these log camps and home, but I also know they are also more excited and ready to make this their home.

We wish them the best of luck with this project and are looking forward to having them as neighbors 😀