Geocaching has become a favorite pass time for families, hikers, ATV riders…almost anyone who enjoy the outdoors and love a little adventure, and have a GPS device. This is a world wide adventure game that has hit the internet.

You can go to this site and put in a zip code of an area you want to visit and it will give you the GPS location of any number of caches available in that area. You may find a treasure, (this could be a CD, a map, jewelry, software, tools and on and on) or maybe just learn something new as a standard in a cache is the log book which you can read and see who else found this spot. Remember though, if you take something, its only fair for you to leave something in return.

Honestly, I was surprised to find how many are in the Jackman region although I am not sure why I was. This is fantastic spot to search for treasures using a gps. This address will take you directly to the Jackman caches available.

Where did the name GEOCACHE come from t ❓
GEO- is for geography and CACHE is a term which can be used in hiking/camping as a “”hiding place for concealing and preserving provisions””.

They also list 3 basic rules to geocaching
1. Take something from the cache

2. Leave something in the cache

3. Write about it in the logbook

And I will add


So if you have a GPS and want something fun to do with the family or your friends, be sure to check out the site before arrival so you can begin your adventure