Moose Point Tavern CLOSED!

Last night was the LAST NIGHT for Moose Point Tavern. Luckily, we were able to get away and luckily, they still had Pork Medallions on the menu.

The Tavern, its owners, and their food will be greatly missed in this area. Wish someone rich could buy it so that the money did not matter 😆 😆 😆

June 16, 2007
We just got confirmation to a rumor that Moose Point Tavern will be closing in a few weeks…for good 😥

Many of our guests enjoyed this restaurant not only for the great food but also for the ambiance and view it provided. The dining area overlooked Big Wood lake and the awesome sunsets. It even had a deck for outdoor dining. Some of our guests only came to the region to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday at the Tavern.

Having the Moose Point Tavern as one of our dining options in the area will indeed be greatly missed. 🙁

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