I received some information and clarifications from our ATV trail-master and thought I would share it with you all.

1. Except for the ATV Rendezvous in July, you will need to register your ATV in Canada to cross the border
and ride in Canada. He was not sure yet where you would register at but he thought that they may offer
this at the border or you will be able to do it at Jackman Powersports. (The rumor was that as with
Snowmobiles, you would be able to ride to the first clubhouse without having to register but
this is not true.)

2. The ATV-s that use a steering wheel, are not permitted on Canada ATV trails.

3. Although our region has almost 400 miles of designated ATV trails, some guests have wanted to ride
elsewhere in the area where the trails are not marked. Perhaps they may want to find remote ponds to fish
or just other areas to explore. Option: You can obtain permits from other land owners in area if you want to
explore the Crocker Pond/Little Big Wood Pond area or if you are over 65 or handicapped, you can get a
permit to ride in the Bald Mountain area. When you check in, ask us and we would be glad to help you.

4. The Border Riders Club have designed and published a new 3 season Map which includes not only the ATV trails but also, hiking and biking trails in the area. It was the first draft and although a good map, they are updating it with the next publication to include road names and perhaps streams and ponds also so fisherman can use it also. Cudos to Missy ❗