Last night, Steve and I went to Moose Point Tavern, in hopes to enjoy the Pork medallions one more time before their closing. When we got there, the restaurant was closed as they were having a private dinner for the Scenic Byways (I think). Now this was around 6pm and we had not pulled anything out for dinner so we headed over to the Steakhouse. Steve and I got there just before they filled up.

While we were enjoying our usual Lumberjack salad and Steve with his ribs and chicken, 2 women walked in. Since they were full at that time, they were told they would need to wait. So they turned around and left.

As they turned, the one gal caught my eye for a moment and I said to Steve “”that looks like someone I worked with at FHP””!! It was such a quick glance so I was not sure if it was her nor did I remember her name.

As we left, the 2 ladies were sitting outside waiting for the next table and I looked at her one more time. She smiled when she saw me and I said “”Beverly?”” 😮 and she said “”Tamara?”” 😯

OH MY GOD! 😮 😮 😮

Bev and I worked together about 12 years ago in California. She knew when I left FHP (the hospital) that we moved to New England but of course, we never kept in touch. Ends up that she also moved to NH years ago and her and a friend go up to Quebec a couple times a year to see family.

But what are the odds of seeing someone you knew 12 years ago when you lived 3900 miles away, in a tiny place like Jackman at the Bigwood Steakhouse. On top of that, they only stopped in Jackman to go to the Moose Point Tavern…which is also where we started off our night.

It just never stops amazing me how interesting life is ❗