Canadian Geese

As most of our usual guests know, we enjoy wildlife and really do appreciate the waterfowl that enjoy the waters and the shoreline of Big Wood Lake. Geese are one of those birds.

Canadian geese are very interesting to watch especially now when they have their young with them. The babies are small…maybe 3 weeks old and it looks to me like there is 2 families around with grandma and grandpap in tow …that-s what I think at least. The adults hover and keep watch whenever the kids are playing or feeding or pooping. They are really fun and interesting to watch the family dynamics when they are on the neighbors lawn. 🙂

When the geese come up on our lawn to make their “” mess”” :x, we get a little bummed as No one likes having to step in that. So, we usually send Murphy out and tell her to “”get the geese”” and she runs down to shore, barks a few times, and they go back in the water. No harm ever comes to them and Murphy gets to bark 😉

So today, Steve heard them out there squawking so he and Murphy went out to check it out. Murphy ran down and barked but the adults would not move…they just kept squawking. Then Steve saw that 2 of the babies were caught in the rocks 🙁 He help them out of their predicament and sent them on their way ❗

The geese family are now happy and out on the lake enjoying the rainy day.