The Sans Frontiere Festival is scheduled for this weekend. I think I made an entry about this before but for those of you unfamiliar with it, it is a festival started many years ago between Jackman and St Theophile (?) Quebec. It is an Independence day celebration “”without borders.””

How it works is that on the odd years (like 2007) it is in Jackman and the even years it will be held in St Theophile. It is usually held the 1st weekend of July.

Of course the town of Jackman still has their 4th of July fun and fireworks on the 4th in addition to the festivals.

This year, a bulk of the festivities will be at Johns Campground where there will be booths of crafters and food, live bands, casino night on Saturday, games, a dunk tank, pony rides, horseshoe tournaments, open mike night and of course lots of fun for all.

If you are planning a visit to town this weekend, be sure to check it out.


I received some information and clarifications from our ATV trail-master and thought I would share it with you all.

1. Except for the ATV Rendezvous in July, you will need to register your ATV in Canada to cross the border
and ride in Canada. He was not sure yet where you would register at but he thought that they may offer
this at the border or you will be able to do it at Jackman Powersports. (The rumor was that as with
Snowmobiles, you would be able to ride to the first clubhouse without having to register but
this is not true.)

2. The ATV-s that use a steering wheel, are not permitted on Canada ATV trails.

3. Although our region has almost 400 miles of designated ATV trails, some guests have wanted to ride
elsewhere in the area where the trails are not marked. Perhaps they may want to find remote ponds to fish
or just other areas to explore. Option: You can obtain permits from other land owners in area if you want to
explore the Crocker Pond/Little Big Wood Pond area or if you are over 65 or handicapped, you can get a
permit to ride in the Bald Mountain area. When you check in, ask us and we would be glad to help you.

4. The Border Riders Club have designed and published a new 3 season Map which includes not only the ATV trails but also, hiking and biking trails in the area. It was the first draft and although a good map, they are updating it with the next publication to include road names and perhaps streams and ponds also so fisherman can use it also. Cudos to Missy ❗

Moose Point Tavern CLOSED!

Last night was the LAST NIGHT for Moose Point Tavern. Luckily, we were able to get away and luckily, they still had Pork Medallions on the menu.

The Tavern, its owners, and their food will be greatly missed in this area. Wish someone rich could buy it so that the money did not matter 😆 😆 😆

June 16, 2007
We just got confirmation to a rumor that Moose Point Tavern will be closing in a few weeks…for good 😥

Many of our guests enjoyed this restaurant not only for the great food but also for the ambiance and view it provided. The dining area overlooked Big Wood lake and the awesome sunsets. It even had a deck for outdoor dining. Some of our guests only came to the region to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday at the Tavern.

Having the Moose Point Tavern as one of our dining options in the area will indeed be greatly missed. 🙁

We wish the best for Carolann in whatever other adventure she encounters. Visit her site to show her your support at http://www.moosepointtavern.com/


Last night, Steve and I went to Moose Point Tavern, in hopes to enjoy the Pork medallions one more time before their closing. When we got there, the restaurant was closed as they were having a private dinner for the Scenic Byways (I think). Now this was around 6pm and we had not pulled anything out for dinner so we headed over to the Steakhouse. Steve and I got there just before they filled up.

While we were enjoying our usual Lumberjack salad and Steve with his ribs and chicken, 2 women walked in. Since they were full at that time, they were told they would need to wait. So they turned around and left.

As they turned, the one gal caught my eye for a moment and I said to Steve “”that looks like someone I worked with at FHP””!! It was such a quick glance so I was not sure if it was her nor did I remember her name.

As we left, the 2 ladies were sitting outside waiting for the next table and I looked at her one more time. She smiled when she saw me and I said “”Beverly?”” 😮 and she said “”Tamara?”” 😯

OH MY GOD! 😮 😮 😮

Bev and I worked together about 12 years ago in California. She knew when I left FHP (the hospital) that we moved to New England but of course, we never kept in touch. Ends up that she also moved to NH years ago and her and a friend go up to Quebec a couple times a year to see family.

But what are the odds of seeing someone you knew 12 years ago when you lived 3900 miles away, in a tiny place like Jackman at the Bigwood Steakhouse. On top of that, they only stopped in Jackman to go to the Moose Point Tavern…which is also where we started off our night.

It just never stops amazing me how interesting life is ❗

Canadian Geese

As most of our usual guests know, we enjoy wildlife and really do appreciate the waterfowl that enjoy the waters and the shoreline of Big Wood Lake. Geese are one of those birds.

Canadian geese are very interesting to watch especially now when they have their young with them. The babies are small…maybe 3 weeks old and it looks to me like there is 2 families around with grandma and grandpap in tow …that-s what I think at least. The adults hover and keep watch whenever the kids are playing or feeding or pooping. They are really fun and interesting to watch the family dynamics when they are on the neighbors lawn. 🙂

When the geese come up on our lawn to make their “” mess”” :x, we get a little bummed as No one likes having to step in that. So, we usually send Murphy out and tell her to “”get the geese”” and she runs down to shore, barks a few times, and they go back in the water. No harm ever comes to them and Murphy gets to bark 😉

So today, Steve heard them out there squawking so he and Murphy went out to check it out. Murphy ran down and barked but the adults would not move…they just kept squawking. Then Steve saw that 2 of the babies were caught in the rocks 🙁 He help them out of their predicament and sent them on their way ❗

The geese family are now happy and out on the lake enjoying the rainy day.

Maine Moose Hunt-Jackman

Today is the day when those of you who have been trying for a Maine Moose permit will be decided. Are you going to be the lucky ones ❓ I have to stress the word “”lucky”” in this entry as that is all that it is.

We have known people who have applied for 20 years and have never been the “” lucky ones”” and others who apply and get the permit their first time. Somehow that never seems fair.

Jackman is in section 8 and the moose hunting dates for this section are October 8-13.

If you are one of the “”lucky ones”” bring your Dad, your Son, your uncle and friends and make your reservation soon. We still have cabins available.

This is a shot of a Bull Moose that one of our guests got 2 years ago. His rack was as tall as me! Can you imagine trying to carry that thing on top of your head ❓ Well I guess if you weighed a thousand pounds, that would not be a big deal 😆



If you need more information on Moose hunting in Maine or want to see the list of winners for 2007, go to

Deck complete for INDIO!


YEAH ❗ We finished another deck 😀

Slowly but surely we are getting the work done.

We finished the deck a few weeks ago but then we wanted something different for the railings instead of just sticks. After much thought, we came up with this design. Of course, it was not real easy to do the cutouts; it is rare that Tami finds the easy road to take 😆 But we are happy with the end result.

Indio was named based on some great pictures we have of Bali and Nepal, so we wanted the railings to reflect that a bit. Plus it holds us true to 0ur word that “”each cabin is different both in size and style ❗

Tuckaway Shores “AWAY!

For those of you who have been coming to Jackman in the past 20 years, there is a chance that you may of stayed at Tuckaway Shores at one time or another. And if you did not know it yet, the owners that had it for about 19 years, sold last fall to private owners. This spring, the demolition has begun.

As of today, all but 3 cabins have been removed. One more to be moved today, one to be demolished later and the other, I think will be moved next week. Below is a picture I took today before they were all gone.


We-re going to enjoy our new neighbors but it is always sad to see a bit of history go away.

The good thing is, a few of the cabins are going to be recycled elsewhere. And many of the logs in the home will also be put to good use…maybe even here ❗