MAY 2007 QUOTES from our Guests

May 6
“”Had a great stay. Cabins were great. Seen 5 moose and several deer. Can-t wait to come back.””
Brian and Melanie Cabin #4

May 7-10
“”We came up to visit her family in Long Pond. It was a great escape from civilization. We saw 5 moose the first day, an otter, more moose and a few partridge the 2nd day. Life is a lot different up here than back home in Ct. but it is nice. We saw a million stars one night and shooting stars too. It was crazy ❗ Tammie and Steve were so cool, oh and Murphy is the coolest dog. Thanks Maine, we needed this.””
Mike and Steph from East Haven, CT Cabin #4

May 25-27
“”High water, high winds, rough waters, fishing sucked-no catch the first day. May 26-another high wind, high water day, yuck ❗ Went brook fishing. Harley and Travis caught 2. May 27-up early trolling. Caught 1 salmon, lost one. Took boat out off Hog Island to drag a large log off the lake-saved someones lower unit””
Jim and Maureen from Skowhegan Cabin #3

Big Wood Lake

Big wood Lake water is still very high. In the past, by this week, we have had most of our yard and were able to put the dock out. Not this year.

We cannot even find the rocks yet to secure our dock ❗

Good news though, it has receded enough to play horseshoes and yesterday, we found our beach side firepit πŸ™‚

Hopefully, there will not be any rain in the near future so the water has time to go down a little more.

ATV Trails

Our guest who said the trails were too dusty on Saturday went out again today and had a fantastic ride. The ride was still dusty in areas and muddy in others but the wind was not as bad so it made for a more enjoyable ride. πŸ™‚

They went way up to a summit (I forgot the name of the mountain) and were able to look over and see Moosehead Lake from one. What a gorgeous day it was ❗

Another guest tried to go south and found that many trails were not open near the forks as they were still too wet in that area.

SO if you come up to ride, check with the trail master before venturing out.

And BTW, we have a great new 3 season map provided by the Border Riders Club which has the ATV trails, hiking and biking trails listed on it. They are free for anyone but donations are of course, appreciated.

See you soon πŸ˜‰

ATV Trail Report

ATV trails are open in Jackman! πŸ™‚

Reports from guests so far are varied. A couple who went north yesterday (over 60 mile ride) said the trails were fantastic and they had an excellent ride. The weather is perfect.

Today, another guest of ours who stopped in for a pit stop with a bunch of their friends who are staying elsewhere (note: about 10+ ATV-s riding together), said the trails were too dusty and they may not even go out tomorrow. But, even after saying that, they went back out. So maybe even though the trails are dusty, they are still having fun ❓

πŸ’‘ My theory: Ten quads following one another is going to be very dusty for anyone behind the 1st two quads. πŸ™„

So I am going with the couples- point of view that the trails are great! The weather is fantastic this weekend too. About 80 and here on the lake, a breeze is keeping the bugs away and the sweat off the brow 8)

Have a great weekend ❗


I sat on our deck this morning to have my coffee and listened to the morning come to life…that is to listen to the birds.
The yellow finch were feeding off our bird feeder, two hummingbirds were buzzing around the deck and quarling over who gets breakfast first in their feeder, the little sparrows ❓ (I think that is what they are) were busy setting up home in our bird houses we have scattered all over. Every once in awhile I heard a loon calling out on the lake…my favorite sound of all. πŸ˜›

Thanks goodness the crow or black birds were out …

Spring – when life renews itself

The ice has been gone for over a week and the fishing so far has been good. The lake level has dropped about 6 feet or so and we are beginning to see our lawn again. πŸ™‚

We seemed to have gone from winter to spring in a matter of days and yet isn-t this almost summer?
The birds are flitting around making their nests and preparing for the young; the yellow finch have found our feeder- it is amazing how many can hover around that feeder; the song of the loons has been echoing across the lake; and last week, we got some great clips of a woodpecker on an old birch tree (check out the video on Murphy-s weather report). LOVE this time of year!

We are looking forward to a great summer in Jackman. We hope to see you soon.

Open Water Fishing coming soon

May 10 “”Ice is out!!!!

May 9 Ice out update!

Where did it go?

Let me start with how the lake looked yesterday. There was open water on both sides of the lake with patches of water throughout the ice in the center. Then the winds started; high winds, which continued most of the day. We could see white caps on the water at the other side of the lake. As the winds continued, it seemed like the ice on the west side was jumping on top of itself. By last night, I was amazed to see how much open water there was…except of course for a couple hundred feet along the eastern shoreline.

This morning I woke to a calm almost clear lake. The sky and mountains were reflecting off the calm waters. It looks like, from what I can see this morning, that there are only a few ice sections over the whole lake.
So where did it go over night? Did it melt? Does it sink?

The good news for all of you fisherman is I believe that it should be all gone by tomorrow, perhaps even by later today? We-ll let you know!

BTW, this morning I heard the first calls of the loons…yeah!

May 6th Ice out update!
The weather yesterday morning was not good for a photo shot but let me tell you…the ice is definitely beginning to move. You can see patches of water now all throughout the ice. And I believe that the ice by the river outlet has already moved on. At least it looked that way last evening.

Today the sun is up and I think it is going to be a gorgeous warm day. I believe the ice just needs a little more nudge and it will be gone.

My “”prediction”” for ice out is Tuesday at 3pm….LOL

Below are a couple shots I took this morning…again, hard to really see clearly how the ice is breaking up on film. One shot is the front of our cabins the other is looking out toward the river outlet.



May 4th update!
No photo today but the ice continues to thin out and it is getting darker and darker. You can even see pools of open water scattered throughout the ice. Not widespread yet, but as long as it is beginning to break up. Seems like last year, the ice looked about like it does today then all at once, the ice was gone. Another good thing in our favor, it is very windy so this should help move it along.

I will try to get a photo tomorrow morning for comparison. (Best to do this at the same time of the day.)

Until next time………..:wink:

Happy May Day (May 1, 2007)

Usually by this time, open water fisherman are scrambling for their luresΓƒΖ’Γ‚Β’ΓƒΒ’Γ’β‚¬Ε‘Γ‚Β¬Γƒβ€šΓ‚Β¦but not yet this year.

But the way it looks, the ice is very dark in areas and what we can see from shore, is thin….so there is a good chance “”Ice out”” may be later this week.

This is a shot we took from Cozy Cove Cabins today. It looks whiter and thicker than it really is!


And, as you can see, open water fishing is possible in our yard. πŸ˜† Our shoreline is about where the ice starts.

Happy Anniversary

Today begins our 4th year here at Cozy Cove Cabins. I cannot believe we have been here 3 years already. Time has passed so quickly. And we still love it. Every day seems like we see something new and beautiful.

So Happy Cozy Cove Anniversary Tami and Steve ❗

And Happy Cinco de Mayo…I guess it is time for a Margarita!