It-s hard to believe that about 10 days ago, there were still crazy snowmobilers riding the lake to get to the trails…
Last weekend, the temperatures were in the low 60-s with a warm factor (the temperature in the sun),
of about 80. Wow, it was beautiful out. The sun was shining through crystal clear blue skies and yet, everything was still white and pretty. Sun glasses were a must.

With all that warm sun, I knew that the snow was slowly melting. The mounds of snow here were slowly getting smaller and the lake was slowly rising.

The video on our weather report (should be posted by the 30th) titled April 26 shows the beginning of ice out on Big Wood Lake here at
Cozy Cove Cabins. Our “”bottom 40″”, (our lower yard) which is now under water, ends where the ice begins on the video. Even since Thursday, the lake/ice color is getting darker and darker which means the ice is getting thinner and thinner…soon the ice will break apart and we will see the last of winter.

So, even though open water fishing may not be possible on Big wood on May 1st, it will not be long. Worse case, I suppose, you can fish in our “”Yard”” ❗ It is open water 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆