Ode to Mom

I have been away a week and many of our website things have not been updated…I apologize for this.

But I returned today and wanted to add a little note to Mom-s everywhere…or should I say to those of you who still have your Moms.

My Mom passed away last week…very sudden and unexpected. 🙁
“”Mae”” or “”Maniu”” as the grandkids called her was full of life, warm, gentle, loving and not only a great Mom but a great friend (she had many) to those who knew her.

Even though she was 87, she was alert, bright, smarter than me in many ways, loved to still be able to teach her children something new she learned, happy, always smiled and she loved to laugh. She would always tell me (dumb) jokes she heard….at least she could remember the punch lines.

She loved to hear about my day no matter if it was good or bad. She always enjoyed the tales of our guests: who got how many fish, or if anyone got a Buck, or if their was snow on the ground and of course, a daily weather report was always a part of our 6pm calls. She frequently would ask about certain regulars who came to stay with us as over the years; she got to know them through me and always remembered to ask.

I, as many of our guests and friends who know me knew, was very close with my Mom and there is such a void in my heart with her leaving us. She was my heart. I think the death of anyone you love is hard to accept but especially when they were not ready to die or you were not ready to let them go.

So I hope that all who read this, take time every day or at least more often then you do now, to call your Mom, tell her you love her, ask her advice (even though you really don-t want it), tell her about your life (at least things she would enjoy to hear) and simply treasure the moments you have with her. Please do not wait until Mother-s Day or her birthday or when you “”get time””. Time is a precious thing that can be taken away from us at any moment. Cherish every moment with her and any of your loved ones in some way.


This photo was taken about 4 years ago at my niece-s graduation. She loved to laugh ❗