As most people know, Jackman has it-s own “”weather channel””. It seems that no matter what the forecasters from towns like Bangor or Portland say, they are never quite accurate about the weather conditions here in Jackman.

To offer a more accurate weather report, we had a Cozy Cove Cabins written weather report posted on this Blog. This was helpful to many of our guests but our Golden Retriever wanted to get in on the weather reporting action herself. And for those who know Murphy, Murphy Rules:!:

💡 To do this, we moved this small weather section on the blog to its own Weather Tab on our Website. We will provide videos of Murphy enjoying the beautiful weather here in Jackman plus other activities that might help you see what the weather conditions actually are in Jackman or what people at Cozy Cove Cabins are doing. (If you are a guest with us, let us know if you want to star in one of our videos)

Our weather reports are as we, Steve, Tami, and Murphy see it here at Cozy Cove Cabins. We will write what it really looks like from our deck or the shoreline, what OUR thermometer says, and what we can see. This is not to say that the weather in the whole Jackman region is the same. In the summer, it is always cooler here off the lake then in town and in the winter, the mountains get more snow than we do here near town. Please keep this in mind.

As for weather forecasting….we are not meteorologists…so please do not ask us what we think the weather will be in a week? We can only tell you what we hear on the news. There is one person in town who seems to be able to forecast the weather…we are not sure how she knows but her forecasts do seem to be pretty accurate, so occasionally, we will add in her thoughts.

Below is a photo of Murphy waiting for me to go out to play with her and as you can see, it is a beautiful sunny day and no wind! The temperature at the time of the photo was 12 above.


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