It-s SNOWING in Jackman Maine

January 17th SNOW UPDATE
Trail reports are good. You can go North or northeast to Pittston Farms and south to Red buck. In town trails are ridable and you can also access the northern trail off of Big Wood. SO ride from the cabin is possible. With the next storm due on Friday, should be great riding.
Below is a picture we took yesterday off Holeb road.

January 16th UPDATE
We ended up with about 8 inches here…hard to measure an exact as the wind off the lake cause just a bit of drifting but even still…nice solid SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

January 15th
Our long awaited snow has come…..

It started this morning around 9 and by noon, we had a about 4 1/2 inches of snow here at Cozy Cove ❗ ❗

It is still snowing but perhaps not quite as much. We shall see in the morning what it brings in total.

I recorded the weather and snow on a video but alas, 🙄 having trouble transferring it to the computer…but soon I will have one on this bloggie for you.

Stay tuned ❗