OCTOBER 2006 QUOTES from our guests

Tami and Steve ❗ You guys have a rocking good place here ❗ …..Anyway just to put things into perspective, I came here with friends I haven-t seen in 3 years and it was one hell of a reunion. 😛
To good times and more times at Cozy Cove Cabins.””
Bala, Soorjith, Kiran, Rajesh, and Jimson form India 10/7 Cabin#4

“”After moving to Me 7 years ago, I am finally taking a few days to explore Northern part of the state. ….Arrived in Jackman just before dark. Tomorrow I am headed for Baxter State park and the loop around Katahdin and eventually the shore. Things I-ve learned….
1. The northern part of the state is beautiful
2. You don-t want to hit a moose or a logging truck!””
Gregg from Lyman 10/9 Cabin #9

“”Thank you for a wonderful anniversary. Our stay was one of a kind. Everything was great! We appreciated all of your great advice. The basket and fruit was absolutely a delight. The cabin was beautiful and perfect…just the right size. You both are wonderful hosts.””
Barb and Jeff and Peaches 10/5 cabin #6

“”…It-s great to be here ❗ Loved the improvements in cabin 6. It was very nice to arrive at 7 and have the lights left on for us. The cabin truly is cozy-after getting the heater fired up. I adore the wicker settee on the porch; a great place to snooze, read, watch the lake, snooze, and write, read, knit, snooze. Very pleasant.
The weather was gorgeous and we loved the loved the quiet solitude of your place. All in all a great experience. My grandpa (God rest his soul) would have loved it too and especially the screen porch color (it was like his own camp) Don-t change a thing and let us know if you sell”” (

Jackman-s FIRST SNOW

We woke this morning to our first snow 😀
Only a dusting but it is a start to what we hope will be a very snowy season!

Most of the snow was gone by afternoon, at least around town. I am sure in the mountains, there is still some holding on.

Time to get out the snowmobiles…well maybe not yet but at least get them tuned up! You can-t wait until the last minute.

Maine Wildlife

The water on Big Wood Lake has risen quite a bit after the rain storms we had this past weekend. I suppose that the ground could not handle the amount of water and most ran off into the lakes and streams.
Our lower yard near the shore usually floods with the spring thaw but did also after this weekend-s rain. So now, we have a small pond where in the summer, we played volleyball.

Anyhow, I guess these shallow waters now on our yard are appealing to the blue heron. I think this is what he was: Blue-gray in color, white neck and Long legs….

I saw him early this morning just before the sun came up but it was too dark to attempt a picture. Just now, he came back and was walking around the yard-pond…strutting his stuff, his long legs just barely in the water.

I ran downstairs, got my camera, slowly opened the door being careful not to let it slam, then tiptoed across the driveway. As soon as I saw him, he must of seen me and started his flight…
I almost captured him in flight but the trees were in my way. 😉

What a gorgeous bird…so graceful.

I assume he will be back to explore the new pond that developed but unless I set up a camera on a tripod and sit on the deck all day, I guess I will not be able to capture him on film…but maybe!

Steve is taking down a deck today.(before it snows) I think I will leave the camera with him.

Halloween in Jackman

The comittee for the Festival Sans Frontier, which is the “”Friends across the Border”” 4th of July Festival that is hosted by Jackman every other year, is gearing up for the 2007 festival. They are sponsoring a HALLOWEEN PARTY on Saturday October 21st in the Hall at John-s Four Season Accommodations.

8pm – midnight

Tickets are $6 per person; $10 per couple

There will be decorations and a DJ playing oldies and country music only.

Dressing up is optional. For more info and tickets, please contact Carol Bennett at 668-2011.

If you are in the Jackman area that weekend, or if you plan to be here for the 4th of July celebration In 2007, come on over, bring a costume and support the Festival comittee.

And for more Halloween fun…if you are in town October 28th, join the locals at the Northland!
Costumes…optional but more fun ❗ 😛


We love to have company/family visit us as it seems to be the only time we get out of camp and enjoy the area. Mind you, I am not complaining….we love being right here at CCC and having Big Wood Lake as our backyard. We enjoy every moment, even if we are working!
But we know there are so many adventures around the area to explore.

Anyhow, while Linda and Jim were visiting last week, we went to the falls off the rest area (north on 201). I do not know the name of them…the sign only said “”the falls”” but they are very simple to see right at the rest area. The path leading down was a little steep so us girls, stayed on top and watched the boys venture down. (we did not have on the right shoes 😉 ) Jim came back with 3 soda cans and a bottle….wish people would take out their trash ❗
As always, Nature just amazes me. Such simple natural beauty to be seen.

We did take a couple pictures of the falls and of course each other which I will insert one here at a later date.

Then we took a ride up Bald Mountain road looking for, what else, a moose! Of course we saw none….wrong time of day and I do believe they knew that moose season was about to start in the Jackman region!

Miss Linda and Jim already!

Last of Fall – Is winter on it-s way?

Fall foliage …way past peak in this area. Only a handful of trees around here that have leaves holding on…Like they are not quite ready to welcome in winter. It seems to early!

But, last night, the temperature got down below 30 and we woke to a coating of white frost on everything. As the sun began to rise and touch the tops of the trees that still have some leaves left, the frost bitten leaves began to fall, one by one, so gracefully. Nature….it-s an amazing and wonderful thing.

So it seems that winter is on the way although we also still heard the call of the loons this morning …I understand that as long as they are still around, Mr. Winter is not welcome yet!

It is now about 11AM and the sun is out, the skies are blue and a chill in the air. My favorite time of year!

Jackman Kayaking and Float Planes

Steve-s sister (and her husband) is here this week visiting form California. What fun we have had. Great to share this place with family.

Anyhow, today was a gorgeous day. Steve and Jim went somewhere to get wood so Linda and I went out on the Kayaks. Her second time (1st time was a couple days ago), and she did really well.

Our first attempt was around 11, it was a little choppy out but we were both feeling daring. Even Murphy wanted to go “”for a ride”” and jumped in the Kayak with me. But as we rode the small swells, she got a little antsy so we came back in, tied up the dog and waited about an hour.

Our 2nd run was great. The water was calm and clear and Murphy, relunctantly stayed on shore.
I think Linda would love living here and doing this every day.

We were near our shore, looking at the bottom of the lake…the water was that clear…just relaxing and talking and a float plane was getting ready to take off.
She said “”Oh no, is he going to be able to see us? Will he run into us?””
I said, Laughing 😆 “”Yes Linda, you better duck””
( #1, he was still by Moose river taxying, and #2, we were right next to the shore. )
After I said that and laughed more she said, “”what was I even thinking”” ❗ :redface:

It may have been one of those moments that you had to be there but we had a good laugh out of it all.

And just so you never get that embarrassed…the float plane pilots do see you on the lake, even if you are in a little kayak….


We had a guest this week who came up to ride the ATV trails….they had a great time but one ATV was a little rough riding so after 3 days of her back “”killing her”” she went to Jackman Powersports in town…and got a great deal on a new one.
She loves it…much smoother ride and very happy they did it.

JP has been having sales on their ATV-s so check them out on line at http://www.jackmanpowersports.com/ or stop in when you are in town.

Leaves are falling

I think I can officially say the peak fall foliage is over….Well Over half the leaves on our trees have fallen.

The yellow and orange colors are still strong and even yesterday, when the lake was crystal calm, the color reflections off the lake were still intense. But the reds seems to be gone. 🙁

Today, Steve, Linda and myself, started the task of raking and picking up the leaves. Oh JOY! ❗ We know this is the first of many days of raking but are taking advantage of having his sister around to help.