JULY 2006 QUOTES from our guests

“”We ate breakfast at the 4 SEASON RESTAURANT. We recommend it. Good food, fast service, and a great price.”” Issac and Heather Cabin #4

“”…It took very little time to relax-the cabin, the people, and the place were so welcoming.””
“”Tami and Steve are great people and love what they do. They were so helpful with all our needs.””
Lisa J. from Rhode Island – 7/7 Cabin #3

“”Great time. Went 4-wheeling. Saw hawks, deer, moose, rabbits, snakes….
BIGWOOD STEAKHOUSE (BYOB) great but very big dinners.
Skip the appetizers if you want to finish your meal. We-ll return again. Wonderful hosts ❗ “”
Brian and Kathy from Northfield, NH 7/28 Cabin #6

“”We saw 19 Moose, 14 Deer, 2 Bald Eagles, 3 skunk, 4 Chipmunks and a few Loons.””
Dolores and family – July 2006

“”Wonderful welcome from Tami, STeve and Murphy-arrived at 10:30 -beer thirty-. Came to enjoy the woods, peace and quiet, and the ATV trails. Great improvement on the cabins! Just beautiful”” –
Sue, Ken, Jordyn – July 1-4 Cabin #1

We-re here from Woolwich, Me. We-ll be back””
Gary and Madeline 7/2-4 Cabin #9

“”….We saw 6 deer and 10 moose. It was great. We also ate at MOOSE POINT TAVERN which overlooks the lake and the food was great. Hope we can come back again. Thanks for the experience. “”
Kurt and Kory from Adamstown, Pa 7/4 Cabin #6

“”Arrived on our Harley-92 degrees- Went for a ride…saw 16 moose, 8 deer, 1 Bobcat-WOW ❗ “”
Zebo and Jan- 7/17-18 Cabin #1

“”No fireworks – it rained! But no complaints from us. We love CC and Steve, Tami and Murphy-we try to come several times a year-if for nothing more than a “”hello and a hey””
Jane and Bob from Fairfield, Me 7/4 Cabin #4

“”As I am sitting here…looking out the window, I see a GORGEOUS view. The lake is spectacular with its natural beauty… We had a great day. My husband, 3 children and our dog took 2 canoes across the lake where we went swimming in a secluded cove…Yesterday we hiked up Sally Mtn. The day before yesterday we canoed around Hog island between 2 thunderstorms. “” “”July 29th-Today is our last day. On the 27th we drove to Greenvilee, saw Moosehead lake, Kokadjo, the B-52 crash site, 6 moose, & the 20 mile check pt. of the North Main Woods. On the 28th, we hiked up Bald Mtn. “” (They made one more canoe trip on the 29th and 5 hrs later, the wind picked up and the water became very rough…Steve went out to “”save”” them…)
“”Steve-s cheerful assistance made a somewhat frustrating situation fun and not that serious.””
The H. Family from W Islip, NY 7/23-30 Cabin #1

“”I-ve been coming to Jackman since I was a youngster with my Dad-Man has it changed….. I just met Tammi and Steve and Murphy but feel like I-m at a B&B-they are so hospitable. (and how do I pay back their hospitality-I steal their pen from this book!) Joe and Pat from Norwich, Ct 7/21 Cabin #4

“”Wonderful, just wonderful. Such a beautiful lake. STEAK HOUSE food was delicious. Nice walk up to town. Enjoyed the whole community. Very comfortable cozy cabin. Thanks “”
Marty and Verna 7/30 Cabin #6