JUNE 2006 QUOTES from our guests

This past weekend, we had a small family group stay with us in 3 seperate cabins. Even though the sun only came out about 40 minutes each day, they had a great time.
What I want to share with you is what the young 8 year old wrote in the Journal in the Eagle- s Nest (where she stayed with her parents and bro) My first thought when I read it was Who needs a website! Anyhow it is her exact words, a few spelling corrections only and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
[quote]June 9, 2006
“”It would be cool if you put out a Warf. It would give you something to swim out to. Everything else is really nice. I am starting to get settled in already. I like the top bunks. I am going to sleep on one.
By the way, my name is S.T. (she gave her name) and I am eight years old. I am here with my mom and dad, my brother, my aunt, and my uncle Keith and Lora and Lora-s friend and her dog.
Tonight we went fishing.
A fish stole a worm. I found two and a quarter worms. This place is actually better than I thought.
It actually has working toilets, a working sink, ship shape stuff, a TV, it has boats, fans, windows with curtains, towels, good beds, a lamp in the wall bedside the bed, a porch and a coat rack.
It actually is cozy in Cozy Cove Cabins. It-s a good place to hide my stash of candy food and drinks.
It-s cool. The whole cabin is made of wood. Even the roof. (I think she meant ceiling).
If you wanted to relax, you should come to Cozy Cove Cabins. I like the color of the wood.
Cozy Cove Cabins is terrific. It is better than we thought. I like the fact that the water is clear. We caught 3 June bugs. The June bugs were huge. They tickle when you close them in your hand.
For some reason, bugs are attracted to lights. That-s why they come inside. Good thing I brought my own pencils. Did you make some of the cabins yourself?
June 10,2006
I am going to play horseshoe with the boys against the girls today. I think it will be fun. You give us a lot of things to do. Good thing I am a tomboy. My dad brought the 4 wheeler. Maybe he can take me for a ride on it. Make that 4 June bugs. We had a great time! Thank you for letting us stay.
Hope we can come again soon. Bye. Thanks for the restaurant tips. BYE!
And then she left a drawing of her hand for us!


“”What could be better than falling asleep listening to the loons on the lake””
Ruth and Grant from Elliot -June Cabin #4

“”Came to fish-got a few trout. Rain, Rain, Rain. Cooked out. Roasted marshmellows and enjoyed company.””
Chet and Betty from Maine 6/6-11 Cabin #1