CONGRATULATIONS 😀 😀 😀 2006 Maine Moose Permit Lottery Winners!
Not sure if you are a winner? Go to http://www9.informe.org/ifw/hunttrap/mooselotteryresults/index.htm

There are 235 permits issued for Distict 8 and Jackman is almost center! Great location to stay to scout out the whole district. Great small town with great people, great food and pubs, great places to stay
(For Boundary Description go to http://www.state.me.us/ifw/wmd/wmd8.htm)

SO Don-t wait until the last minuteMAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW AT Cozy Cove Cabins.(668-5931) Bring your Dad, your spouse, your son or daughter, your friends …..anyone to help you spot that Bull and bring it home 😛

Moose Hunting Tips by Jennifer Vashon Wildlife Biologist
➡ Prior to the moose season, sight in your rifle.
➡ Moose often appear closer than they are, because of their large size. Keep this in consideration when estimating the distance to the moose before you shoot.
➡ Be prepared to get your moose out of the woods. Rope, come-alongs, pulleys, a chain saw, and waders can be indispensable on your hunt.
➡ Quartering your moose will make it easier to haul and will reduce the risk of your meat spoiling.
➡ Skinning your moose, or filling the chest cavity with ice, will also reduce the risk of your meat spoiling.
➡ A 30-30 can be used for shooting a moose, but it doesn-t have the range of larger guns. A larger caliber gun (308, 30-06, 7 or 8mm) may improve your success and reduce the possibility of wounding a moose.