JUNE 2006 QUOTES from our guests

This past weekend, we had a small family group stay with us in 3 seperate cabins. Even though the sun only came out about 40 minutes each day, they had a great time.
What I want to share with you is what the young 8 year old wrote in the Journal in the Eagle- s Nest (where she stayed with her parents and bro) My first thought when I read it was Who needs a website! Anyhow it is her exact words, a few spelling corrections only and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
[quote]June 9, 2006
“”It would be cool if you put out a Warf. It would give you something to swim out to. Everything else is really nice. I am starting to get settled in already. I like the top bunks. I am going to sleep on one.
By the way, my name is S.T. (she gave her name) and I am eight years old. I am here with my mom and dad, my brother, my aunt, and my uncle Keith and Lora and Lora-s friend and her dog.
Tonight we went fishing.
A fish stole a worm. I found two and a quarter worms. This place is actually better than I thought.
It actually has working toilets, a working sink, ship shape stuff, a TV, it has boats, fans, windows with curtains, towels, good beds, a lamp in the wall bedside the bed, a porch and a coat rack.
It actually is cozy in Cozy Cove Cabins. It-s a good place to hide my stash of candy food and drinks.
It-s cool. The whole cabin is made of wood. Even the roof. (I think she meant ceiling).
If you wanted to relax, you should come to Cozy Cove Cabins. I like the color of the wood.
Cozy Cove Cabins is terrific. It is better than we thought. I like the fact that the water is clear. We caught 3 June bugs. The June bugs were huge. They tickle when you close them in your hand.
For some reason, bugs are attracted to lights. That-s why they come inside. Good thing I brought my own pencils. Did you make some of the cabins yourself?
June 10,2006
I am going to play horseshoe with the boys against the girls today. I think it will be fun. You give us a lot of things to do. Good thing I am a tomboy. My dad brought the 4 wheeler. Maybe he can take me for a ride on it. Make that 4 June bugs. We had a great time! Thank you for letting us stay.
Hope we can come again soon. Bye. Thanks for the restaurant tips. BYE!
And then she left a drawing of her hand for us!


“”What could be better than falling asleep listening to the loons on the lake””
Ruth and Grant from Elliot -June Cabin #4

“”Came to fish-got a few trout. Rain, Rain, Rain. Cooked out. Roasted marshmellows and enjoyed company.””
Chet and Betty from Maine 6/6-11 Cabin #1


Our guests this weekend said the ATV Trails are fantastic ❗ Even in areas where there was still water, the base was solid so they did not have to worry about getting stuck in the mud AND
“”it was a great way to cool off “”

They saw moose and eagles and even a bear cub laying in the middle of a trail that “”ran so fast to get out of our way….very comical to watch his legs move like that. The kids loved it!


CONGRATULATIONS 😀 😀 😀 2006 Maine Moose Permit Lottery Winners!
Not sure if you are a winner? Go to http://www9.informe.org/ifw/hunttrap/mooselotteryresults/index.htm

There are 235 permits issued for Distict 8 and Jackman is almost center! Great location to stay to scout out the whole district. Great small town with great people, great food and pubs, great places to stay
(For Boundary Description go to http://www.state.me.us/ifw/wmd/wmd8.htm)

SO Don-t wait until the last minuteMAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW AT Cozy Cove Cabins.(668-5931) Bring your Dad, your spouse, your son or daughter, your friends …..anyone to help you spot that Bull and bring it home 😛

Moose Hunting Tips by Jennifer Vashon Wildlife Biologist
➡ Prior to the moose season, sight in your rifle.
➡ Moose often appear closer than they are, because of their large size. Keep this in consideration when estimating the distance to the moose before you shoot.
➡ Be prepared to get your moose out of the woods. Rope, come-alongs, pulleys, a chain saw, and waders can be indispensable on your hunt.
➡ Quartering your moose will make it easier to haul and will reduce the risk of your meat spoiling.
➡ Skinning your moose, or filling the chest cavity with ice, will also reduce the risk of your meat spoiling.
➡ A 30-30 can be used for shooting a moose, but it doesn-t have the range of larger guns. A larger caliber gun (308, 30-06, 7 or 8mm) may improve your success and reduce the possibility of wounding a moose.

Annual Father-s Day weekend Fishing Derby

What a great way to spend Father-s Day weekend with the kids!
Join us for the YELLOW PERCH FISHING DERBY on Big Wood and Attean Ponds. Participants fish for yellow perch and other “”junk”” fish with cash prizes being awarded for the most chubs and sucker caught!
Registration begins at 8:00 am Saturday June 17th at the Chamber Booth. Children under 12 are FREE!
❓ Please call (207)668-4171 for more information or when you make your reservation with us for a weekend of FUN , we will try to answer any questions you may have.
This event is sponsored by the Jackman Region Chamber of Commerce.

Wilderness Of Maine – Snowshoe tracks

While surfing the net, I came across some essays from someone who use to live in the cabin next door to Cozy Cove. It-s about his wilderness experiences here in Jackman. I loved reading them and wanted to share them with you. Here-s an excerpt from one of them:

[quote]The only sounds in this wilderness are a gentle breeze flowing through the branches, murmuring waterfalls slipping through the ice covered steam, and gentle chic-a-dee-dee-dee notes coming from my new feathered forest creatures. I can hear my heartbeat and breathing as I lift each snowshoe above the deep soft snow toward my wilderness destiny.

Experiencing new territory for the first time is breathtaking. The abundant fresh animal tracks in the snow compare to the abundant human tracks on the snow covered city sidewalks.

Approaching Mud Pond, I spot a red fox struggling through the deep soft snow. The blue sky lost it battle against snow clouds, as it begins to snow. The gentle breeze gains strength, as I cross Mud Pond. Following my tracks beside Wood Stream, the forest shields me from icy chill of the wind, and gentle flakes of snow float to the ground, simulating the gentle fall of goose feathers. It is late afternoon. Getting closer to the mouth of Wood Stream at Wood Pond, I hear a strange noise. Picking up my pace, I hurry to see what may be causing it.

Arriving at Wood Pond, I become aware of what is happening. My heart races.

You can read the whole essay and many others at his site:

Northwestern Wilderness Of Maine
Personal Essays


I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!