Happy 4th of July 2020

We hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July weekend. The parade will be at 4pm followed by a presentation by Susan Collins at the new Veterans Memorial at the Town Hall. Then the raising of the flags.

At dusk, watch the best fireworks in Maine.

Remember to protect our community and wear a mask with social distancing also.

And as always, we will have our annual 4th of July potluck picnic after the parade.

Celebrate our independence with pride.

New fire pit for Indio

Indio has the best natural firepit of all of our camps.  It sits against a huge monster rock that has been there forever.  Periodically, we have rebuilt it (rocks seem to have a mind of their own) but it was due.

This year, Bill, who is a mason stone wall builder by trade, stayed in that cabin last weekend. He started out on Friday,  complaining about one of the many rocks that grow in our driveway or yard. (I think rocks pop up faster then dandelions sometimes.)  Anyhow, he (with our permission of course) decided to dig up this one rock in particular that he said was in his way.  What was seen on top was about 6 inches in diameter.  Once he finally got it up and out, it was about 2 foot by 3 foot rectangle. According to Bill, perfect for building something with.

As the weekend went by, Mr. ants in his pants could not sit still. He looked at the rock he found and the firepit and decided it would be a perfect flat rock to surround the pit.  SO he began.

Thanks Bill. You did a great job. Happy Fathers Day and Happy anniversary.

Work around Cozy Cove Cabins

Steve and I have both been keeping busy the past month or so.  There always seem to be something to fix around here.

March and April, we completed a few indoor projects. I scraped a couple cabins but I could not repaint until it warmed up at the end of May.   This even delayed any gardening needed.  What is with Mother Nature this year?

By the end of May, Steve also was able to  tackle the roof on INDIO, Cabin #2.      It took him about a day to remove the 2 layers of shingles, all the nails, then clean up and lay the tar paper.  Then he would have to wait for the weather to clear or the wind to stop so he could put up a few panels of the metal roof.

I am in awe watching him.  What an amazing man.



This is one side done.

Today he is finishing removal of the last 3rd section.

As for me, besides my regular work, gardening and painting needed, I have been creative making whimsical characters to put around camp. Hopefully they will make you smile, well, except for the angry deer.  He is there to remind folks to slow down and to pick up their doggy poo.  LOL    Who will find the eagle first?

So that has been our May and June so far.   See you all soon.


4th of July 2020 in Jackman

Even with all of the pandemic issues and guidelines issued, the Town of Jackman has announced that they will offer fireworks at the Town field this year.

Along with that, there will be a parade also starting at 4pm on the 4th.  If anyone is interested in participating in the parade, locals or visitors alike, contact the JMRRCOC, www.jackmanmaine.org, for more information.  Their email is jackmanchamber@gmail.com.

Of course,social distancing and/or wearing a facial covering is recommended per Maine CDC guidelines.  Or plan to view the parade or the fireworks from your car.

For those of you staying with us that weekend, we will have our Annual Potluck Picnic after the parade. If you want to participate, bring a dish to share. We will provide hotdogs, condiments, utensils and desert.  You may also want to bring your beach chair so that we can maintain distance with everyone.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July Celebration

Visitors to Maine

Just an update from our state Governor regarding traveling to Maine.

As of June 9th, “People who are not Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont residents must complete a Certificate of Compliance form indicating they have received a negative COVID-19 test result (within 72 hours of arrival), or that they will quarantine in Maine for 14 days, or that they have already completed their quarantine in Maine.”  The Governor’s order requires Maine people to wear cloth face coverings in public places where physical distancing is difficult to maintain, as recommended by the U.S. CDC”

Things seem to change weekly so do not hesitate to give us a call if you are planning to visit us here at Cozy Cove Cabins.

ATV trails in Jackman

Normally, ATV trails in our region open Memorial Day Weekend. We have not heard any concrete news yet except that the trail on the Weyerhaeuser lands will not be available to use until June 12th.   With the current snowfall today (we got about 3 inches of fluffy snow on our decks) it may keep the trails too wet.  SO let us hope.

The good news is that if they do open, even if limited for Memorial Weekend, we can rent you a cabin!

Cabins to re open May 18th

Again, we hope you are all well and staying safe during this time.

Just an update: On March 25th, our governor here in Maine issued mandates regarding this state. At that time, we were told we could not offer our cabins until June 1st, and only to residents of Maine, unless visitors could isolate for 2 weeks in Maine.

With ice out on Big Wood on May 1st, we had to turn away quite a few people who simply wanted to fish at the best time of the year. PLUS cancel those who had already made reservations.  We understand it but it did not make it any easier to do.  As in our last post regarding this pandemic, I stated my views on this saying that if people would just do the basics, maintain safe distances and wear a face covering in public, we could all stay healthy and get back to work.

While recording positive cases of Covid 19, the Maine CDC found that many rural counties have not been impacted by the virus as much as others.  Governor Mills issued a statement today to reopen some businesses in rural counties, Somerset, our county is included in this.

On May 18th, we are permitted to rent out our cabins to Maine visitors.

“remote campsites as well as sporting camps, which provide access to wilderness activities such as canoeing, hiking, hunting or fishing, are also permitted to open with public health safeguards in these same counties only on Monday, May 18th to Maine residents or those who have completed the 14 day quarantine.”

We are hoping that if this goes well, with no increase in cases, she may allow non Maine residents also to stay at camps in Maine.

Do not be offended if we ask you if you live in Maine and if you have self quarantined.  We want to reopen and are going to trust that you can respect your own as well as others safety and health.

We will also ask that you bring food and other things you may need with you from home. Retail stores and eateries can be open (as part of this ruling) with restrictions.  These include social distancing and face coverings. We will have masks (made by one of our favorite guests) available if you do not have one.  We are suggesting though, that you bring masks or even simple bandanas to use during your stay.

There are so many things that you can enjoy in our region while staying at Cozy Cove Cabins so to ask that you maintain distance from others around camp and in town or put a bandana around your face when in closer contact to others is not too much to ask. Everyone needs to understand that although you have no symptoms, you could be a carrier.

As for changes here at camp?

Our Lobby:                                                                                                        Payment for your camp on arrival will need to be done by one person only entering our office. We will be glad and look forward to mingle and meet the rest of the family outside. The saddest part for me is, no hugging or handshakes when you arrive or leave.   If your borrow any games or books from our lobby, please return them to us so we can sanitize them before placing them back on the shelves. We may also remove the extra sweets we always have available for our guests. Dirty fingers and all?

Our Cabins:                                                                                                           We have always cleaned our cabins with sanitizers and bleach on surfaces we could and Lysol on all other surfaces including wiping TV remotes, doorknobs, etc.   Now we plan to also sanitize surfaces before we clean the cabins and then wait a bit for that to work.  This may take us a little more time to prepare for the next guest. SO if you are arriving the day some one vacated your cabin, we cannot promise the cabin will be ready for our normal 2pm check in. Please be patient with us. With that said also, on the day of your departure, please be sure to vacate by 10am.  Usually we welcome people to stay a bit longer when requested. This is still OK to do as long as we have access to the cabins.    Another thought regarding bedding: If you choose to bring your own blankets, sleeping bags, or pillows, that is fine. We only ask (as we do ALL THE TIME) is that you remove our bedding before laying or sleeping on the beds.

We have not decided what to do about boat rentals. I have been researching this and as of yet, not determined if and how long it takes for sunlight to destroy this virus on hard surfaces as well as our life jackets.  So it is possible we can still offer boats or kayaks as long as they are out in the sun before the next person chooses to use it. OR we may offer the rental (small charge) but on a daily rate use only. Please bring your own life jackets if you have them.  And feel free to call us prior to your stay for more up to date choices and information.

We assume there will be some guidance or guidelines issued by the state or CDC soon which we will follow.  But as of today, this is our basic plan.

We are still taking reservation from people in Maine or out of state.  If rulings in Maine do not change to include out of state reservations, we will let you know as soon as we know.

If you have a reservation with us and feel you need to cancel, please do so when you decide.  If you become ill or in contact with someone with a positive covid 19 and your physician recommends you isolate, please call us. We will not charge the deposit due for a cancellation for this reason even when made within 2 weeks of your reservation.

We hope to see you this summer, healthy and ready to enjoy what our regions has to offer.


Effects of Covid-19 in Jackman

First, let me say that we truly hope you are all doing well and that neither you or yours have become ill with the virus. If you have, again, hope you fought back and are now ok.

This is an awful thing happening to the world on so many levels.  But as there have been other catastrophes, epidemics, and life altering events in our histories, we will get through this one too.

Mid March or so, social distancing was ordered and of course, all of our restaurants, bars and many lodging place closed or began to limit activity. Around that time, the landowners in the region also closed snowmobile trails on their land. It could have been because the snow was getting soft and did not offer good riding anyhow, but it also was related to the virus.

Hotels and cabins in the region, although were not restricted at that time, began refusing guests or limiting to essential workers only. I know we did also for the month except for a weekend mid march for 3 guys from Madison who wanted to ice fish. They were very considerate of the town, brought food and supplies from home, stayed on the ice all day and in the cabin at night, never venturing out to town at all.    After they left, we let the cabin sit quiet for a day before entering it with a can of Lysol.

Our Governor of Maine then issued a mandate to close everything until April 31  except essential businesses. This included lodging.   Luckily for us and others in the region, this is a normal downtime. Trails are closed, there is no open water fishing yet, and mountains are too wet for hiking or ATV trails to open.  But our bars and restaurants usually would stay open for locals or travelers passing through.

Bishops Store jumped in (in March) and chose to supply dinners for seniors and kids at a fair price, even delivering to those who could not leave their homes. They received over $4000.00 in cash donations from the community which allowed them to keep the prices low.  I think Ray said they had enough donations to keep the program going until the end of April.  They also offer take out and discourage people from roaming inside the store.

Our grocery store, hardware stores, town hall, doctors office, and post office are all open (limiting hours) and using precautions also. A couple other restaurants have offered take out on weekends. I think everyone that can have tried to offer support to each other as able.

SO what will happen in the future?

The Moose Lottery event at Sky Lodge planned for June is cancelled. They will do the drawings virtually.   They did promise though that Jackman will be the location of 2021 Moose Lottery Drawing.

As for other events and activities for the summe5r, this is all an unknown. We will have to see what our Governor chooses to mandate or if the town of Jackman chooses to issue any town wide mandates.

As for us, we are working on redoing the insides of a couple cabins, spending as little as possible just in case.   We have 3 big expenses coming up in the next 2 months and hope we can get them done. Not only financially but with the weather permitting.

We are still taking reservations for the upcoming months with the understanding on both sides that things may change. We have set up some basic standards that any guest who makes or has a reservation should keep in mind. First and foremost, if a guest becomes ill and their doctor recommends they isolate (within 2 weeks of a reservation) we expect that reservation to be cancelled. We are also asking future guests to be considerate of this small safe town. Bring you own food and supplies from home, bring a mask to wear (I may try to make some for you all to use if needed) if you have to go into any stores, and practice social distancing except with your immediate family in your cabin. This should probably be common practice throughout the summer and maybe into Fall, no matter where you are.

Personally, I think people can enjoy some summer vacations in these remote areas especially when keeping these things in mind. There are hiking trails, lakes and streams to fish, ATV trails to ride (when open), yard games or swimming in the lake, all activities as these do maintain physical distancing from others.

SO be safe, be kind, be healthy.  We hope to see you soon.

Sadly, there will be no hugs of welcome from me this year. For those of you who no me, no this will be a hard task.


Weather in Jackman, Maine

Just a little update on the weather and lake conditions here in Jackman.

It has been pretty darn cold still.  Just above or below freezing but windy so feel much colder.   We even had a bit of a snow squall yesterday evening. Very little stuck to the ground but it was a very unwelcome site.

Our shoreline is showing signs of snow melt as the waters are higher but it appears the lake is all still frozen.  I would not walk on it but it does not seems to be thawing out much yet.

This is a shot from our Webcam this morning.

Good luck to those of you who entered your guess for our ice out contest.