Retaining wall of Birdhouses

I went down river the other day and it seems the birdhouses on the retaining wall in Moscow has grown. This image was taken a few years back I think.

It really is incredible to see the creative houses made from simple colorful ones to hard hats, oars, the shape of animals, some with names of a business and even the state of NJ. (one of our regulars made that one)

So when you are on your way up to visit us or Jackman, keep an eye out for the wall in Moscow. The only precaution I have is if you choose to slow down to take in all of it, put your flashers on and stay to the side of the road. There really is not an easy place to pull  over there.


Information book

In each cabin, we offer our guests an information book.  In here we include information about your cabin, our policies, why we put signs up around the camp (for those who need reminders of when to put out trash, why not to use our guest towels to clean your atvs, what the smell of maple bacon does to a cabin (LOL), and how to get the best wifi signal). Included are  ideas of what to do here at camp or around Jackman; trails, local eateries, and tidbits like where to spot moose.

We also have a section called “Our Journal” that we update every year in May on our anniversary here at Cozy Cove Cabins.  Basically, in Our Journal, we share what we have done over the past year, both with the cabins or anything fun we did. Plus we try to include any updates around town.

The reason I mention this here in our blog is because one of our guests today commented to me on how much she enjoyed reading it, learning of  all we have done over the past 17 years, and finding things to do with her and her family. This yearly project to update It is a bit of a chore, although fun too as we review our accomplishments. Plus, we hope to offer information our guests may need and want to enjoy their time in Jackman.

SO to hear that it helped them and was enjoyed by a guest, is all the reward I need.

Thank you Stephanie.

And remember, we as well as others who stay in your cabin, enjoy reading what you did when you were here.  Drop a few lines in the journal and best of all, read what others wrote.

Confirmation emails

We hope everyone is having a good summer.

As our guests know, we always send out confirmation emails after a reservation is made.   This summer especially, we are finding that many of our emails are going to the recipients spam box.  I am not sure why though.  Maybe it is has something to do with Covid and extra precautions?  Or maybe it is because I have links included in the email to help our guests understand Maine guidelines.

Whatever the reason, if you have or make a reservation with us and do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, check your spam box.   If it is not there, give us a call.  Please note that correspondences that originate from me come from


Deck chairs

To offer a bit of comfort to you all to enjoy sitting out on your deck, we have always provided deck chairs for you. They are not fancy or top of the line metal chairs but they should last longer than a season. As the years have gone by, it seems even the better ones do not last.

Perhaps part of the reason is they simply do not make good quality chairs anymore. Also,we see our guests weighing over the limit of 250# sitting in them, people leaning back on 2 legs of the chair, or taking them out onto the lawn or by the firepit. We find them burnt or cracked much too often..

We bought a white set (20) 2 years ago and we only have 8 left.  Last summer (end of season) we bought 30 chairs that seemed to be a sturdier and already lost 6 of them this summer have cracked.

We decided that after these are gone, we cannot keep buying them. Our guests will either have to bring their own deck/lawn chairs or make due with what is left.

In the meantime, we hope our guests use their own beach chairs down by the water and maybe what we have will last another season.   We do have a few  extra fold up chairs that others have left here in our Boat Shack.

I wish we could buy sturdy metal chairs but not only are they heavy to put away at the end of season but storage is a bit limited for them. We apologize if this inconveniences anyone.



Discover Maine

Here we are, mid July and this Pandemic is still around. We do hope that all of you out thee are staying safe and still able to enjoy the summer.

We are lucky in Maine that there has not been many horrific outbreaks.  Could it be that people are maintaining distances or wearing face coverings in Maine, or is it simply because our clean air and ability to get out in it is helping?   Who knows.

We do know that Maine people this summer are truly discovering Maine!  Specifically, our area and maybe even other towns that they have never been to before.  At least this is what are guests are saying.

Many of our guests so far have said they have never been to Jackman.  They wanted a place to visit where they could get out and explore the outdoors and feel like they can still maintain distance from others.

That is what the Jackman region can offer.  Wide open space.  You do not need to have an ATV, a boat, or even a fishing pole to be outdoors.  But if you do, we have lakes and streams to fish and trails to ride. Or, you can stay at camp and play ball with the kids, swim in the lake, make a campfire at night and roast marshmallows. Or put on some sunscreen and just enjoy being outdoors and the serenity many find here.

We had a group here this week that brought their ATVs, grills, pop up tent and corn hole game.  They rode hard all day then spent the evenings talking, laughing, cooking out and watching a sunset by the campfire. What a great way to end a perfect day with friends.

4th of July parade winners

Once again, our guests, Celie and Kevin designed a float for the Jackman 4th of July Parade and won, the most outrageous award.

The initial plan was modified as they did not have a big trailer to attach.  The theme was supposed to be something along the lines of “Summer 2020” but there was not enough room to add the summer props.

But the dressed in full “isolation” suits with a bathing suit over top, masks, and all carried bottles of “hand sanitizer” to spray the crowds.   Of course Henry (the jeep has a name) also wore a mask.

The best part was that all along Main street, everyone laughed as we drove by. (Yes I drove)  SO it served its purpose.   Make the best of what it is.

Happy 4th of July 2020

We hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July weekend. The parade will be at 4pm followed by a presentation by Susan Collins at the new Veterans Memorial at the Town Hall. Then the raising of the flags.

At dusk, watch the best fireworks in Maine.

Remember to protect our community and wear a mask with social distancing also.

And as always, we will have our annual 4th of July potluck picnic after the parade.

Celebrate our independence with pride.

New fire pit for Indio

Indio has the best natural firepit of all of our camps.  It sits against a huge monster rock that has been there forever.  Periodically, we have rebuilt it (rocks seem to have a mind of their own) but it was due.

This year, Bill, who is a mason stone wall builder by trade, stayed in that cabin last weekend. He started out on Friday,  complaining about one of the many rocks that grow in our driveway or yard. (I think rocks pop up faster then dandelions sometimes.)  Anyhow, he (with our permission of course) decided to dig up this one rock in particular that he said was in his way.  What was seen on top was about 6 inches in diameter.  Once he finally got it up and out, it was about 2 foot by 3 foot rectangle. According to Bill, perfect for building something with.

As the weekend went by, Mr. ants in his pants could not sit still. He looked at the rock he found and the firepit and decided it would be a perfect flat rock to surround the pit.  SO he began.

Thanks Bill. You did a great job. Happy Fathers Day and Happy anniversary.

Work around Cozy Cove Cabins

Steve and I have both been keeping busy the past month or so.  There always seem to be something to fix around here.

March and April, we completed a few indoor projects. I scraped a couple cabins but I could not repaint until it warmed up at the end of May.   This even delayed any gardening needed.  What is with Mother Nature this year?

By the end of May, Steve also was able to  tackle the roof on INDIO, Cabin #2.      It took him about a day to remove the 2 layers of shingles, all the nails, then clean up and lay the tar paper.  Then he would have to wait for the weather to clear or the wind to stop so he could put up a few panels of the metal roof.

I am in awe watching him.  What an amazing man.



This is one side done.

Today he is finishing removal of the last 3rd section.

As for me, besides my regular work, gardening and painting needed, I have been creative making whimsical characters to put around camp. Hopefully they will make you smile, well, except for the angry deer.  He is there to remind folks to slow down and to pick up their doggy poo.  LOL    Who will find the eagle first?

So that has been our May and June so far.   See you all soon.


4th of July 2020 in Jackman

Even with all of the pandemic issues and guidelines issued, the Town of Jackman has announced that they will offer fireworks at the Town field this year.

Along with that, there will be a parade also starting at 4pm on the 4th.  If anyone is interested in participating in the parade, locals or visitors alike, contact the JMRRCOC,, for more information.  Their email is

Of course,social distancing and/or wearing a facial covering is recommended per Maine CDC guidelines.  Or plan to view the parade or the fireworks from your car.

For those of you staying with us that weekend, we will have our Annual Potluck Picnic after the parade. If you want to participate, bring a dish to share. We will provide hotdogs, condiments, utensils and desert.  You may also want to bring your beach chair so that we can maintain distance with everyone.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July Celebration