Snowmobile Trail report

It is only the second week in January and so far, a really good snowmobile season!  The storm last week dumped large amounts of fluffy dry snow on us right before New Years weekend. The groomers did go out nightly to work on the trails but honestly, they were not ideal until New Years Day.   The cold temps this week and less use has helped.  Trails are smooth and fast all over our region.

We are also hearing from surrounding areas with the same reports.

New Long Pond loop made to take you down to Parlin and back and Pittston made a new 9 mile trail to Seboomook dam.

There is a ton of work involved to make and maintain the trails out there so be sure to support the clubs where you ride.  Memberships are an option or donate what you can.   Ride safe.

Early Jackman trail report for 2017 season

Although the Border Riders Club have not opened the trails yet, there are people out riding. Plenty of snow on unplowed roads and in the higher elevations.   I  was told there is over 20 inches of that white stuff after this last storm.  It was very fluffy snow so getting it packed on the trails is going to take a bit of time.  The groomers have started working their magic. Our trail master said trails could be ready by this weekend.

There is ice on the lake but we are not sure how thick yet.   I did see snowmobile tracks along our shoreline this morning.

So it is looking to be a good start to the 2017 winter season. We will update you all as we know more either here or on our Facebook page.   Call us soon.

Jackman Maine blog is back

We are back.

After many changes and updates to our blog, including mobilization so you can see it from your phones, the Jackman Maine blog is now live. We cannot wait to start sharing what is happening here at Cozy Cove Cabins, in Jackman Maine, as well as throughout our region.

One change we instituted is in regards to comments. We love knowing that our visitors are interested in our blog and write in comments but we had many issues before with those nasty little bots. We are now asking that you register to comment on a post. Once we know you are not a spambot, you will be able to comment anytime.

Most of our old posts were imported so if you are new to the blog, you can still go back and read some posts.

So this is my first test post and learning the new program, uploading images, and reviewing comments may take a few tries. But I will update you as to what is happening as I know.

We hope you enjoy visiting us.

Talk to you soon.


The ice is gone 2016


Finally we have open water on Big Wood. This first image is a Webcam shot on April 24th at sunset.

This one was taken the morning of the 23rd. Ice out was noted at 4:30 PM on the 23rd.Congrats Paula for winning this years Ice Out contest 😀


Time to get out there for some fishing ❗ ❗

Ice out contest 2016 ends

Sorry to say but we have reached the deadline date to make your guess to this year-s ice out date. Good luck to those who entered.

I will post the date as when I hear what the town says. Keep an eye on further posts or our webcam to see what happens.

Ice out 2016 update


Here is our web cam shot of Big Wood from today. You only have 10 more days until the deadline to enter your guess for Ice Out 2016 on Big Wood. Scroll down to the entry Big Wood Ice Out Contest 2016, and enter your guess in the comments.

I am not sure how thick the ice still is but someone was out there yesterday on his snowmobile.

ATV trails 2016

We are already getting calls about the opening of ATV trails in Jackman. Even though this winter has not been the coldest or snowiest, This is still Jackman. We do indeed still have snow out there, mostly at the higher elevations, and our lakes are still frozen.

Now, normally, the club tries to get our trails open by Memorial Day weekend. (the rule of thumb up here) Thee have been times when they were able to open them earlier in May but It always depends on when the snow melts, the ground thaws and the water runs off…end of Mud Season.

SO, yes if you want to ride the ATV trails this year, give us a call to make a reservation. You can ride from your cabin. BUT do not plan to ride before the end of May. When we know more, we will let you all know.


March Madness 2016

I should write Winter madness 2016 as this has been one odd winter 😕 It will snow 2-4 inches and then 2 days later rain; temperatures at a minus 20 then back to 30 the next day; and even odder is when it was 38 one day, it snowed then down to 10 degrees and it rained. Shall I continue with the oddities or do you get the point:?: One crazy winter.

Last week, we got about 4 inches of snow in town with reports of about 10 inches northeast of us. Then of course, everyone wanted to come and ride. I think town was beyond full this weekend. Today, we did get about 2 more inches of that white fluffy goodness. Then we heard some rain on Tuesday but more snow on Friday ❓

Throughout this crazy weather, we have kept an excellent base so any added snow has offered decent riding all winter. Nothing like our usual but for those who want to ride, we had the opportunities.

We wonder what the rest of March will bring. Forecasters are saying temperatures up to the 40s, some rain and some snow. HMMMM that sounds familiar. 😮

SO hopefully, this El Nino will go away and we will get back to having those awful winter seasons we love in 2017 😀

Big Wood Ice Out Contest 2016


With the crazy winter we have had this year, good luck trying to figure out this years Ice Out Date on Big Wood. Ice was not even in until well after January 1st. The last ice depth read was only about 2 feet thick.

SO let the guessing begin.

So how this will work:
Choose your date, then add a comment to this post with your guess as to the date the ice will go out this year. We can only accept one date per person. If you post the same date that is already posted, your post will not be recognized. (If more then one person chooses a date before I can post their comment, I will go by who posted the comment first.)

The winning date will be what the Town of Jackman records as the ice out date for 2016.
The winner will get 50% off one night when they stay with us 2 or more days or 1 full night free if they stay 4 or more days. This discount will expire January 31, 2017.

The deadline to post your vote this year is 8am on April 10th, 2016.

Please Note: Only one discount permitted per stay at Cozy Cove Cabins and our same discount rules apply. (payment by check or cash, cabin minimum must be met)

Watch our webcam for signs of change.


Jackman Trail Report 2016

WOW 😯 What wacky winter weather. Snow then rain then snow…minus zero then up to 38 then back to 10. Mother Nature is sure confused this year.

That being said, it seems that the Jackman area still has the best trails to ride. We even made a new trail for you all this past weekend of Rt 88 to get past a bad spot on your way to Pittston Farm. Through this all, our base has stayed solid. Some have had the “opportunity” 🙄 to ride on ice while some have hit it when they had snow.

As of today, we still have a good strong smooth base. The new trail off 88 is good as are most north and east of us. Even the in town trail, although hard, is falt and rideable. Lake trail is also good and you can get to it from our cabins. Most need picks and scratchers though. Corners may be icy so please use extra caution. Also, remember that there are miles of unplowed logging roads and excellent for off trail riding.

The meteorologists are saying snow this week, then maybe a bit of rain then snow again on Friday. Don-t put away your sled yet as March is usually the best month to ride!